Walk & Train 

Walk and Train is perfect for those who want to train their dogs but do not have the time during the day. Whilst a 1hr walk and train will not "fix" your dogs behavioural problems, they can help you to continue your training and maintain consistency between your training sessions.

Walk & Training session are ideal for those struggling with loose lead walking, recall, retrieve, jumping, chewing the lead or reactivity however we can cover a wide range of behaviours. 

For all Walk & Train bookings, a 1 to 1 training session is required prior to the first walk to discuss the training that will be done to ensure consistency is maintained between the owner and myself. You will be provided with updates after each walk on progress and a summary of the walk. If you have attended one of our classes and I am familiar with your dog, you may not need a 1 to 1 session.

If Walk & Training is required for behaviour modification such as reactivity & aggression, an initial consultation will be required. 

We will not use any aversive training methods for any training or behaviour modification. This means we will refuse to work with Shock/E- Collars, Prong Collars, Choke Chains, Martingale Collars/Half checks used for correction, tightening harnesses or slip leads used for correction. If these tools are being used between our walks, we may refuse walk & Train due to a lack of consistency.

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