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Dog Grooming

I hold a Diploma in Dog Grooming and currently undergoing my Level 7 in Grooming. All my dogs have high maintenance grooming needs and have been worked with to love the grooming experience. As a Trainer & Behaviour specialist, I have worked with dogs who have struggled with grooming to gradually build up a positive association with the experience. 

My aim is to offer stress free grooming for your pets. I do not use restraints, muzzles or force and our pace is set entirely by your dog. This style of grooming is not for everyone - some would prefer the job to be done promptly, without the need to build a rapport with the dog first but I feel passionately that grooming should be a fun experience for your dog.


Introductions to the grooming table, equipment, dryer and bath area (no bath). We spend time building up a positive association. Recommended for dogs with a previously negative experience of the groomers or very young puppies.

20 minutes - £20

Confidence Drop ins

For those who have had an introduction and need further exposure to the equipment/grooming routine 

Approx 20 minutes - £20

Full groom

This is a full groom including bath, blowdry, brush and full clip (Clippers).

Time & prices vary based on: 

- Coat Type 

- Coat Condition

- Coat Length

- Size of dog

- How confident your dog is with grooming

Charged hourly - £40

Puppy Visit

This is a combination of the Introduction & a bath/sanitary trim. In general, no clipping or cutting of the main coat will be done here. Perfect for puppies who have had their first vaccination up to the age of 5 months.

30 -60 minutes - £20

Bath & Tidy up

A bath, blow dry and sanitary trim (if required).

From £40

Standard Poodle Puppy - 7 months old - puppy pants
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