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Meet The Team!

Holly Adgo
Bsc(Hons), ADip, Dip

Holly is the founder of Cultured Canine Dog Services and is a Dog Trainer & Behaviour Specialist accredited with the Association of Pet Dog Trainers. She holds a degree Bsc (Hons) in Psychology with L5 Animal Behaviour, an Advanced Diploma (L5) in Canine Behaviour Management, Diploma (L4) in Canine Behaviour Training, Dipoma in Canine Nutrition (L3) and Dipoma in Grooming & Welfare (L3). She is also a member of the Pet Professional Guild.

Holly conducted a training demo for the APDT at Crufts 2023 & 2024 with her Standard Poodles. She also breed's and shows standard poodles with her first homebred puppy qualifying & attending Crufts 2023. Her other poodle qualified and attended Crufts 2024, winning a 3rd place in her class. She has also bred successful Assisance Dogs in training, stooge dogs & family pets. She competes in Agility and Hoopers with her three dogs & also volunteers with her two registered Therapy Dogs. In addition to owning Cultured Canine Dog Services, Holly is also on the comittee for York Canine Association on a voluntary basis. 

Holly is also an assessor for Therapy Dogs Nationwide and an approved trainer with Pawsable Assistance Dog Training. 

She works with a huge array of behaviour work, with a special interest in early puppy rearing, socialisation and reactivity. 

Dogs Owned - Labradors, German shepherds, Standard Poodles, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Lab X Poodle


  • Bsc (Hons) Psychology with L5 Animal Behaviour

  • AdvDip - Canine Behaviour Management

  • Approved Canine Reactive Behaviour Expert with Canine Principles.

  • L3 Dip - Canine Behaviour Training

  • L3 Dip - Canine Nutrition

  • L3 Dip - Canine Grooming

  • Canine First Aid Trained

  • DBS Checked & Fully Insured

  • Assessor for Therapy Dogs Nationwide

  • Approved Trainer for Pawsable Assistance Training

  • Full Member - Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT)

  • Full Member - Animal Behaviour & Training Council (ABTC)

  • Full Member - Pet Professional Guild

CPD Courses 


- Canine Fear

- Predation Substitution Training

- Canine Compulsive Disorder

- Canine Sleep

- Canine Calmness

- Clicking for Resilience

- Puppy Socialisation

- Canine Resource Guarding 

- Rock Solid Recall 

- Understanding Extinction

- Settling through Scentwork for Highly aroused dogs

- Dogs & Children

- Canine Bonding & Play 


- Interactive Play (Craig Ogilvie)

- Poodle Groom workshop - Puppy Pants

- Castration in Dogs - A guide for behaviour practitioners - Sue McCabe

- Busting Myths about Predatory Aggression -Tracey Mclennan 

Natasha Parker
RCH, ExtDip, Dip

Natasha joined Cultured Canine Dog Services in 2022 and brought back the dog walking side of our business. 

Natasha is a Registered Canine Hydrotherapist with a keen interest in how pain can heavily influence canine behaviour. She also holds an Extended Diploma in Animal Management and a Diploma in Canine Behaviour & Welfare. 

She has completed the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT) - Intro to dog training course.  

Natasha assists with many of our workshops and training classes, in addition to running our Hoopers courses.

Natasha is also on the comittee for York Canine Association on a voluntary basis. 

Dogs Owned - Border Collies

Standard Poodle


  • Registered Canine Hydrotherapist - L3

  • L4 - Gait Analysis

  • L4 - Underwater Treadmill Advanced Skills

  • L3 Extended Dip - Animal Management 

  • IMDT Intro to Dog Training

CPD Courses


  • Understanding Animal Cruelty 

  • Understanding Reactive Dogs 

  • Dog Loss & Bereavement 

  • Canine Anatomy 

  • Canine Anxiety

  • Desensitisation & Counter Conditioning 

  • Canine Proprioception

  • Canine Enrichment 

  • Puppy Socialisation

  • Canine Bonding & Play 


  • Pet First Aid

  • Podgy dogs & Fat cats

  • Understanding the uneutered female

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