Group Classes 

Pre- Beginners Dog Training (Puppies from 8 - 20 weeks) 

  • Introduce your new puppy to the basics - Sit & Down, loose lead walking & Recall.

  • Teach your puppy to focus around distractions and settle in a busy room. 

  • Give your puppy the opportunity to meet other puppies and play with a variety of apparatus. 

6 week course (£60)

Beginner Dog Training (8 weeks + ) 

  • We have no upper age limit for this class. Join our beginners class to learn the basics of sit, down, stand, loose lead walking, recall, drop, stay, leave it, grooming & handling, settle, emergency stop, enrichment and games, manners around people and other dogs and more. 

  • You will recieve a weekly summary email and full support throughout the course. 

8 week course (£80)

Intermediate Dog Training ( Must have completed Beginners Dog Training with Cultured Canine or equivalent class)

  • In intermediate class, we build on the skills acquired in beginners class. 

  • We also introduce send to mat, distance cues, directional cues, advanced stays and leave it, off lead walking around distractions, recall through distractions and more.

8 Week course (£80) 

Advanced Dog Training ( Must have completed Intermediate Dog Training with Cultured Canine or Equivalent class)

  • Advanced dog training builds upon the skills from both beginners & Intermediate class. We also look at a variety of activities such as obedience, rally, scent work, balance & body awareness and more. 

Pay per month (£30)



Reactive Rover Class

We also have a course specifically designed to those who do not enjoy the company of other dogs. Traditionally, these dogs would not be appropriate for class as they would find it too stressful. In my reactive dog class, your dog will learn to feel more comfortable around other dogs. Using barriers and a carefully formed class structure, you will learn how to help your reactive pooches. 

A reactive dog is one that barks, lunges, growls or bites another dog. 

NOTE: Currently we are looking for a new venue for this class - the next term will be announced soon. 

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