Group Classes

Pre- Beginners: In-Person

Introduce your new puppy to training right from the start! In Pre-beginners we will be covering all the puppy basics from sit & down to socialisation, focus around other dogs, acclimatisation to sounds, sights, surfaces. We focus on making training fun and building the foundations of a confident puppy! 

Pre-beginners is for puppies 9-20 weeks old who have completed their first DHP Vaccination. Once puppies have had their FIRST vaccine, they are able to attend class providing they are in good health. 

We will be covering common puppy challenges such as toilet training, crate training, biting, chewing, sleeping issues, food, avoidng issues such as guarding, grooming & handling issues. 

6 week course - £75


Intermediate Dog Training: In-person class

The Intermediate class is a follow on from the Beginners class. It is open to all dogs who have completed the beginners class or an equivalent course. 

In this class we will look at distance handling, sending to bed/mat, focus around people and distractions, body awareness, directional cues, higher level stays, leave it, recall and more! 

8 week course - £95


Beginners Dog Training: In Person

Beginners class is the next stage from Pre-beginners class or the first class for those over 20 weeks old. In this class we go back to basics for all ages. This is a perfect class for the older dog or rescue dog who has not had any formal training and would like to start at the beginning. We will cover sit, down, stand, leave it, lead walking, recall, drop, emergency stop, settle, manners around poeple & other dogs, grooming & handling, appropriate interactions and body language, look, lets go and more! This is a packed class (8 weeks) and you will recieve a weekly summary email after each session. 

During this class, you will complete your APDT Good Companion award (either puppy or adult beginner award) in which you will recieve a certificate and rosette for completion. 

Class sizes remain small at approx 4-8 dogs maximum per group. 

8 week course - £95


ADVANCED Dog Training: In-person class

Advanced is our top tier class & looks at our highest level good companion award. You will need to have completed the Intermediate course to attend this class

8 week course - £95