1-2-1 Training

Training is so important when you own a dog. It enables you to shape behaviours to allow peaceful cohabitation between pet and owner. It is important that training is fun for the dog and in no way stressful. Research shows that Force-Free methods are significantly more effective in training and shaping behaviour in all dogs of all ages and therefore this is the basis of all my training methods.

1 to 1 Training Services can include: 

  • Beginners Training - e.g. Sit, Stay, Down, Come, Heel, Wait 

  • Impulse control skills and distance work.

  • Fun Tricks - e.g. Spin, Jump, Paw, High Five, Roll over etc. 

  • Agility work (Agility apparatus are not provided) 

1 to 1 training takes place in your home and can be great for dogs who wouldn't cope with our class settings. 1 to 1 training is also great for teaching these skills quicker than in our classes as you will have my total focus for the whole session.

Our training is very patient and non-judgemental. It is open to dogs of all ages and breeds as we understand that all dogs can benefit from some extra training.

From 1st April 2021, 1-2-1 training is priced at £45 per hour. Training packages are available on our training packages tab.

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