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Free Download Ashab E Kahf Islamic Full Movie In Urdu |VERIFIED|


free download ashab e kahf islamic full movie in urdu

***** The first known reference to the Cave was made by Eusebius (313 AD) in his book on the history of Armenia. Eusebius gives a detailed account of the destruction of the city of Dura-Europos by the Persians in the year 263 AD. He mentions that the inhabitants were moved to a valley (the Karameikos) near the Black Sea. There they lived in caves which were usually damp and poor in nourishment and gave only minimal shelter. He says that the population remained there, their hands cut off and their ears, noses, lips, and feet cut off, for several years and, when they were ready to die, were gassed and burned to death in the caves. The accounts of this event were written in Latin, Syriac, and Coptic. According to Eusebius, after this event the inhabitants moved to the valley of the Karameikos where the name "Karameikos" (or Karamaikos) derives. The name Karameikos is often associated with the term for cave in Greek and, even if it is not an exact equivalent of the Arabic term, it is thought that it may have been the origin of this name. It is known that the Arabs refer to the valley of Karameikos as the cave of the cave dwellers. The earliest known reference to the name Karameikos is in a Greek inscription dated 330 AD. The Christians, possibly following earlier traditions, refer to the cave as "Akhirat". This name is derived from the Aramaic for "Last". The Romans refer to this place as "Karameikos", a name which appears again in an inscription dated about 300 AD. A reference to the Arabic name "Al-Karameikos" is made in a letter of the Bishop of Tyre (Tyre being the northern part of the island of Cyprus) dated about 400 AD. Modern scholars have often regarded the Kurdish peoples of Mesopotamia as having been the first to enter the Karameikos. Sumerian and Akkadian texts of the same period are rather different. The Sumerian texts describe the people of Karameikos as a tribe of Kassites, and regard them as the progenitors of the Kassites. In the Akkadian texts, however, the Karameikos are referred to as a city-state or possibly as a people living in the most nort

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Free Download Ashab E Kahf Islamic Full Movie In Urdu |VERIFIED|

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